All mares are PSSM1, HERDA and GEBD tested negatively.

Red Chilly Catalyst (Taris Valentine x Sheza Dun Shine Lark)

2010 (Red Dun)

20140818174839 69927
TUS 0919 3923B
TUS 0919 3976B
TUS 0919 4064B
TUS 0919 4073B
zert RedChilly

Curlys Catalyst (Taris Valentine x Sheza Dun Shine Lark)

2008 (Bay)

Super-built, agile mare with best reining blood. Very attached, undaunted and sweet.

DSC 9910
TUS 0919 3787B
TUS 0919 3789B
TUS 0919 3799B
TUS 0919 3849B
zert Curly

Paprikas Dude (Rum Olena x Sheza Dun Shine Lark)

2006 (Dun)

Love, very rideable mare with a lot of potential and top reiningabstamm.

DSC 9520
Paprika 2011 1
Paprika 2012 4
zert Paprika

Sheza Dun Shine Lark (Aladino Lark x Jungle Jubilee)

2000 (Dun)

Beautiful mare with long hanging and much character.

DSC 9914
Shine 2012 1
Shine 2012 4
zert Shine

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